Inner Harmony Yoga

Yin Yoga - Cathy Haymaker

Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga with a physical focus on accessing the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia, with many postures focusing on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine,etc). As we age, flexibility in the joints decreases; Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to maintain our flexibility.
My focus during Yin Yoga class is on the breath and clearing the mind. With the aid of props, music, and guided meditations, students will hold a posture from 3-5 minutes, allowing their breath to create openings in the body while simultaneously allowing the mind to clear, entering a deeper, meditative, and relaxed state.
Some of the benefits of Yin yoga:
Calms and balances the mind and body
Regulates energy in the body
Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips
Lowers stress levels
Lubricates and protects joints
Increases flexibility in joints & connective tissue
Helps with TMJ and migraines
Fosters greater ability for meditation
Please join me beginning Wednesday, May 21st from 6:45-8:00 pm to achieve greater physical flexibility in your asanas and a deeper connection to yourself!


Precision Style Yoga – Diane Bowlby
Precision Yoga or Iyengar Yoga

This type of yoga stresses the alignment of the body in asanas (poses), holding the asanas longer than most other types of yoga.  Instructors use props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs to help students benefit from the asanas regardless of their physical condition.  Props help you achieve the proper alignment until you can do the asanas on your own.  Alignment as a starting point encourages awareness throughout the body
Benefits of Precision Yoga
       Develop strength
This type of yoga requires rigorous training for the instructors, preparing them to work with students of all ages and abilities.