Inner Harmony Yoga

We are not sure when we will reopen. Please check back April 1st for further information.

Inner Harmony Yoga Center is dedicated to helping people achieve peace and health through yoga.  Yoga is taught here in the Iyengar style, with an emphasis on precision and alignment.  For example, being able to touch your toes is not as important as being able to reach towards them as far as possible in proper alignment, stopping when you've reached your limit.  As you progress you will be able to reach farther and farther.   To assist in maintaining your form props, such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps are used. 

Yoga is a physical, and to some a spiritual, aid.  The term "yoga" means "to join" or "to unify".  It unifies the body and mind, allowing the student to become more aware of the body, its current limitations and its potential, contributing to improved posture, strength and overall health.  While yoga is not a religion and is non-denominational, many do find it to be relaxing and spiritually uplifting.  

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